produces additives and developes solutions for the plastics industry. Not only the product, but above all the customer with his wishes, requirements and problems is in the foreground.
The fact that the work for the customer is solution-oriented, flexible, fast and innovative is not only self-evident, but also decisive for success. Michael Newel and Jürgen Ostermann succeeded with the founding of the NEWOS® GmbH in 2009 a flash of genius. After 13 successful years, they look back with pride on the work done. Both the merchant and the engineer have learned their "chemical craft" from scratch. The fact that the two complement each other as a team to 100% is part of the entrepreneurial success.
Because NEWOS® GmbH - no longer unknown in the industry - is already an insider tip for problem solutions and a very reliable supplier for many companies.
After all, hardly a newcomer, decades of experience with fresh entrepreneurial spirit, highest professionalism with soothing humanity and absolute quality standards combined with the shortest communication channels.

And we offer our customers exactly what they want.